What makes Tinder females ghosting me personally after ONS?

What makes Tinder females ghosting me personally after ONS?


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It’s took place twice today so I am just starting to consider possibly it is far from a freak collision. Manage to love to hear others’ advice.

Lady step 1: Found thanks to Tinder, i sought out into 2 dates more than a couple weeks during which i thought she is enthusiastic to see me personally, age.grams. never rejected my personal time attracts, extremely receptive toward texts, together with conversation was an effective. I would personally state she try a great eight. She is an enthusiastic Er doctor and you may rather smart, so we connected pretty well (I’m not a doctor but have plenty of family unit members that are). With the our third day we had food, then came back on my put where we on time hooked up. Sex try decent, maybe not the best ever, but not new terrible. I’d to exit city to have each week immediately after we hooked up, next once i returned she turned awesome cooler. Will not respond to my messages for several days, together with very lame reasons during the declining to see me (“I have to go out with buddy X, probably the week just after”), thus i let it rest. And you may she never ever messaged me again thus i reckon that is one.

Lady 2: Together with came across by way of Tinder. She is actually probably an effective 5.5-6 – chunky within hips. Went on 3 schedules that i consider have been pretty enjoyable (salsa dance, bicycle journey along the river, next hot-pot food). (more…)

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