Zapp! (The Lightning of empowerment) by Williams C. Byham with Jeff Cox was the Rainbow Book Club (RBC) book-of-the-month for November. Anthonia Edoho, who moderated this month’s reading, said the book summarizes the right and wrong steps employers take that affect the effectiveness of employees.
Those gathered for the book reading at Le Meridien Ogeyi Place, Port Harcourt on the 28th of October, explored points in the book such as the necessity for effective communication, maintenance of self-esteem, exchange of ideas, and encouraging involvement in the work place. While some present felt the fantasy aspect of the book was a distraction from the general message; Mr Dappa, also an attendee, said the fantasy made him more interested in the book. In discussing the differences between being ‘Zapped(Empowered)’ and ‘Sapped(Not-empowered)’ in the work place, those present made suggestions on how leaders can motivate their staff, one of which was; ‘creating a relationship with them that shows trust, appreciation and teamwork’ rather than simply engaging them in numerous trainings, salary raises or pep talks. The reading ended with the consensus that if the lessons from the book are applied effectively in the business world, staff would be empowered with an ‘invisible spark of lightening’ which should result in a ‘100% level of productivity’.

Join us on the 25th of November as we review ‘What Happened’ by Hilary Clinton’. Copies of the book are available at leading bookshops or by calling us on 0803 550 8579.