Tolu Akinyemi’s book ‘Funny Men Cannot be Trusted’ was Rainbow Book Club’s Book-of-the-month for September 2017.On Saturday 30th of this month, Rainbow held a book reading to discuss why ‘Funny Men Cannot Be Trusted’ at Le Meridien, Ogeyi Place.
The author’s humorous description of the roles, failures and character of men in the society, especially as it concerns family and relationship, sparked conversations with people chipping in their opinions from various perspectives. Commenting on the poem that shares the title with the book, some attendees posited that it was the author’s way of saying that a lot of things happen behind the invisible cloak of humor while others believe it was his way of laying bare the ambiguity of man’s intentions.
Issues in marriage, politics, social and religious experiences were deliberated upon extensively as the 188 poems in the book touched various aspects of human endeavor.
Present at the book reading were members of the Seaview Poetry Club that gave their insights on the contents of the book from a poetic stand point.After the vibrant discussions attendees had refreshment.
Join us next month as we dissect our October book-of the-month Zapp!: The Lightning of Empowerment  by Jeff Cox and William C. Byham.
If you missed this month’s reading, you do not want to miss out on the next one!