Port Harcourt World Book Capital 2014: A Call For Partnership/Sponsorship

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to partner with the Port Harcourt UNESCO World Book Capital 2014 as we roll out various programmes in fulfilment of our World Book Capital bid.

The youth, comprising 70% of the population, are the main target of the PH WBC 2014 programmes. These programmes are designed to have a catalytic effect on young people across the Niger Delta, Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, creating an army of change agents who will build a peaceful, prosperous and just society.

The PH WBC 2014 initiative will foster investment in education and therefore, human capital. Investing in the knowledge wealth of young people will undoubtedly inspire change in other sectors, helping to achieve the ideals of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.
The Rainbow Book Club, implementers of this initiative, will work with partners from the publishing, bookselling and library associations, as well as the social and private sectors to ensure delivery of the programmes in our winning bid.

Corporate governance, transparency and accountability are important factors in the implementation of these programmes. Measures are in place for the monitoring and evaluation of the proposed programmes.


As 2014 also marks 100 years since Nigeria’s formation by the British colonial government, this milestone presents a unique occasion for positive change. Here are different areas in which you and/or your organization may partner with us for change.

The Reading Tree/Book Clubs for Primary School age (5-11) and Book Clubs for Senior Secondary School age (14-18)
The Reading Tree (RT) is a weekly graded reading programme running in 50 primary schools. The RT comprises of carefully selected books ranging from timeless classics to African folk tales. As children ascend the tree, they would be rewarded. 150 book clubs run weekly, through the year, to compliment the RT.
This programme should enable participants gradually develop their reading and language skills while enjoying group discussions around great stories. It is also expected that the increased reading would broaden their vocabulary and result in a significant improvement of the children’s school work.
Book Clubs are currently running in 50 Secondary Schools around Port Harcourt. Students read a pre-selected book-of-the-month, which they meet to discuss monthly.

These clubs are meant to encourage the students to read for information and entertainment and to use books as a centre point for social gatherings. This programme should build their interpersonal and critical reasoning skills.

• Supply the reading books.
• Produce the workbooks.
• Provide monthly reward items for children when they successfully complete a level.
• Pay stipends of volunteers who work with the teachers and pupils.
• Provide weekly refreshment for the pupils and facilitators.

The Walking Book Junior Secondary School age (10-14)
Children in Unity Schools across Nigeria have been engaged in writing a chapter each of a book, detailing the ‘sights and sounds’ of their state such as festivals, traditions and landmarks. This book is being edited and would be published (in electronic and hard copy) and made available for sale before the end of the PH World Book Capital tenure. At the state level, the Walking Book Programme has been carried out with children from the 23 Local Government Areas. The published book, titled 100 Years Around Port Harcourt has been presented as part of the opening ceremonies.
This exercise is expected to enhance creative writing skills while breaking down cultural divides, inspiring collaboration and showcasing attractions in Rivers State and Nigeria.
• Sponsor participants travel and accommodation for the book launch.
• Sponsor stakeholders travel and accommodation for the book launch.
• Sponsor the publishing of the book.
• Sponsor the launching ceremony.

Essay Competition Post Secondary School age/Youth (18-24)
An essay competition to mark Nigeria’s centenary has already been launched nation-wide for youth, with the topic: Possibilities for Nigeria at 100. Winners will be recognised and rewarded at the Port Harcourt Book festival 2014 in October.
This activity gives participants the unique opportunity of creating a story that would be part of the landmark of Nigeria’s centenary. In addition, it is expected to create awareness of the PH WBC project and reward literary prowess.
• Sponsor the prizes
• Pay for winners’ travel and accommodation for the awards
More partnership/sponsorship opportunities will be highlighted next week. Please send an email todouye.owonaro@rainbowbookclub.org or call 0705 834 3049 for more information and to give your partnership preferences.

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