Reading With Titi Horsfall

Titi Horsfall discusses her book: From an Orphan to a Queen – Esther

Interacting with an audience comprised of grandparents, other adults, and students from her alma maters Bereton Montessori School and Federal Government Girls College Abuloma, Mrs. Titi Horsfall gave everyone present a glimpse into the hard work and thought processes behind her book: From an Orphan to a Queen – Esther. Audience members sat poolside on Friday, May 31st at Le Meridien Ogeyi Place Hotel as they participated in the session moderated by Mrs. Daniella Menezor (Rainbow Book Club).
Accomplished in her own right, Horsfall currently works as a PR and Communications Specialist in NLNG (Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas), holds a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, a Masters in banking and finance, and an MBA in oil and gas management. She was asked to answer the question on everyone’s mind: so why write at all? It turns out that writing was a part of Horsfall’s life even before she began secondary school. She explained that her mild temperament influenced her choice of hobbies: reading and writing. The author said the book took more than 12 years to complete because as a fictional account of a factual story, she had to do a lot of research on the Bible as well as from history in order to sound convincing enough to an assumed intelligent readership.
The readers recommended the author for her ability to keep readers’ suspense high regardless of whether they have read the Biblical account of Esther. Other questions posed included how she is able to juggle the role of worker, wife, mother, and writer; her commendable portrayal of the role of a man in the upbringing of a child as Mordecai played in Esther’s life. The author ended by speaking specifically to the children present about the importance of living a simple life as key to achieving their goals.
Through the book of the month, the Rainbow Book Club brings noteworthy books to the public’s attention.  Each month, book lovers meet to discuss a pre-selected book. Next month’s meeting holds at the same venue (Le Meridien, Ogeyi Place) on Friday, June 28th, 2013. The book to be discussed is Jokes Apart, by Julius Agwu; it is available for purchase at the Rainbow Book Club office, 20 Igbodo Street, Old G.R.A. Port Harcourt.

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