Communications & Public Relations Officer, Port Harcourt.

Websites: Providing content for our websites (articles, photos, reports, etc.)

Face Book, twitter, etc.: Interacting with others through these social media tools

Reporting: Writing articles on our activities that would go to the press

Research & documentation: Gathering info relevant to our work and our projects

Press Relations: Liaising with the press on behalf of the organisation – feeding them with articles, keeping copies of what is written about us, answering to their enquiries.

Public Relations: representing the organisation to the public, providing info., responding to enquiries, representing org. At meetings, events, etc.

Projects: Working on our various projects to ensure successful results

Documentation: Ensuring proper recording (written and electronic) of all our events by video, photos, writing reports, etc.

Books: conducting of interviews, transcribing of scripts.



A person with a can-do mentality who is ready to work in an organisation that handles many exciting and challenging developments projects in education and information. Person must be willing to learn and grown with the organisation

Communications: Ability to write & speak English clearly and properly. Knowledge of French would be an advantage.

Information Technology: Good knowledge of the use of I.T. – Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.

Public Relations: Ability to relate to people of different background and cultures professionally

Organisation: Ability to plan, arrange, coordinate events, ideas, info and time

Details: Attention to details

Information: An avid consumer of info. Must be able to research, sieve, process & relate written & oral info.

Pressure: work is intense and would require a person who can be productive under those circumstances



  • A University Degree in the Arts &/or Social Sciences is preferred
  • Training and experience in the use of I.T. tools is important
  • Experience in an organisation dealing with education and cultural matters would be an advantage
  • Working in similar role in a reputable organisation would be an advantage
  • Ability to drive would help
  • Ability to understand and speak French would be an advantage

Specific training in any of the skill areas mentioned in job description would be an advantage

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