RBC Reviews The Secret Lives of Baba Seji’s wives by Lola Shoneyin

Lola Shoneyin’s ‘The Secret Lives of Baba Seji’s wives’ was the book- of –the- month for October. The protagonist Baba Seji’s latest and most prized wife, a university graduate turns his life upside down when in a quest to bear him children, she opens Pandora’s box .

The theme of polygamy generated a lot of debate in the female dominated gathering,. While some believed it was part of our African heritage others were opposed it citing religious beliefs. All were however united in their sympathy for Baba Segi when the secrets of his wives are uncovered. Prompting one of the few male members present to conclude that ‘…only a woman knows the father of her child’ this assumption however did not sit well with one of the members who claimed that she was a carbon copy of her father.

In an act of life imitating art or is it art imitating life, members had vivid examples of relations and celebrities who had suffered a similar fate as Baba Segi, raising children that belong to another man . The discussions had to be cut short because we had exceeded the one hour set for the reading.

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