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Dul Johnson scores a plus as rainbow holds monthly reading

Rainbow Book Club’s monthly reading for the Month of May will certainly stick with the members for a long time after a riveting read of Dul Johnson’s latest work Why Women Won’t Make it to Heaven. The reading took place on Friday 25th 2012 at the Book Club’s office

Dul Johnson, a University of Jos Lecturer and Film Producer, in his collection of short stories attacks the bane of materialism and self gratification of women. The work tells the story of three couples and how they missed out of a wedding ceremony due to the dillydally attitude of their wives while dressing for the wedding. Changara Plank an aspiring politician sees the Chairmanship of his nephew’s wedding as an opportunity to advance his political career. His ambition is quelled because Mrs. Makara Plank ironically referred to as “one of the fastest women when it comes to dressing” usurps much time preparing for the wedding.

Buku Bandara’s business appointment suffers a setback owing to hours spent by his wife while adjusting her headgear styles, though he ends up as the chairman for the wedding. Pangara Kata sets the wife’s wardrobe ablaze as he expresses dissatisfaction with her wanton craze for fashion. All three friends regret the actions of their wives especially Changara Plank who believes that “women are a bunch of no goods”.

Members engaged in interactive moments as they all believed that the author’s work will be remembered more than his name because of its controversial subject. “Women are not as bad as Dul Johnson portrays them, he is simply anti-women in his concept of the work” one of the members stated. In another vein Eze Ibekwe a University Lecturer enthuses that “Dul Johnson scored a plus with the title of his work. If women don’t take real action for worthwhile endeavors other than fashion, they may never accomplish meaningful feats in the society. They may miss out on the major issues of life just because they focus on the minor frivolities of life.” Using his experience as a lecturer he further stated that ‘Ladies would rather spend 3 hours in a salon, than spend 30minutes in a lecture theatre’.While Johnson’s depiction of women as shallow cannot be excused or disregarded, it helps to portray his male characters, as overbearing and chauvinistic.

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The story transcends the focus on women folks alone but also on all mankind, that is we may all miss out on the important things of life if we allow ourselves to be distracted by the trivial issues of life. Members were meant to understand that men are to adjust and make amends bearing in mind that women are their responsibility. June 30th was announced as the date for the next reading and Free from Cooperate Slavery by Olujimi Tewe as the book-of-the-month.

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