Book Club session at State Primary School, Okuru-Ama
Book Club session at Rosy Steps Primary School
Book Club session at St Andrews Primary School

Since 2006 we have set up and run books clubs for primary school children to make reading and discussing books fun. Our graded reading scheme encourages participants to read a book a week and fill in the corresponding workbook. As they complete this assignment they are rewarded. The books are carefully chosen to communicate good morals and to inform the children. We have established over 150 book clubs, reaching over 1500 children.

1Schools involved5030 government schools and 20
private schools.
2Book Clubs run1503 Book Clubs in 50 schools.
3Book Club participants150030 Book Club members per school
4Book Club facilitators2004 teachers per school
5Assessors (Volunteers)35Each school is assessed by 2
6Books provided for the programme51,150Donated to the 50 school libraries